Successful recruitment starts here

JSW Recruitment understand the success to any hospitality or Leisure business is being able to recruit and retain the very best people. We are specialists in finding the best candidates in the market with a combined 50 years + networking within the Hospitality and Leisure industry. We know we are the best in our field.

Working on a consultative approach we take a very thorough job brief to understand your recruitment needs. We then network and advertise to find the right candidates and, wherever possible, we will meet the candidates, interview and skill check them and take informal references before providing a short list of the very best candidates for the client to interview.

Finding the right candidates to fill positions within your organisation can be very costly and a time consuming exercise. We ensure that the recruitment cycle is simplified by understanding your needs, preselecting the ideal applicants, and streamlining the candidate selection process - therefore reducing lead time and costs.

For more information please contact us, and one of our consultants will be happy to help.